Are you thinking of making the switch to LED bulbs? The LED technology plus how LED spotlights compare to energy-saving light bulbs, halogens and the old-style incandescent bulbs.  Are already convinced to use LED lights bulbs? You need to make sure you get the best-LED bulbs around by picking one from the best company.

What are LED light bulbs?

The LED lights are hailed as the future of home lighting. They use little energy, last very long time. Unlike regular energy-saving bulbs, they are instantly bright when switched on. The LED spotlight technology has developed rapidly in recent years. They are getting lighter and efficient each day. Their price isgoing lower all the time. The brightest bulbs can still set you back around£20; most cost less than £10.

The energy savings they offer in your home make them well worth seeing.

What are the demerits of LED light bulbs?

  • The LED market is currently regulating itself, so a CE mark on the LED spotlights does not necessarily imply that it has passed through all of the required quality checks. The quality of LED bulbs, therefore, can vary from one spotlight to another. Read the following independent reviews to ensure that you get a reliable place where you can buy these bulbs.
  • Some individuals do not prefer the quality of light given out by LED light bulbs because some can produce a cooler bluish. The best LEDs will not be differentiable from your old incandescent bulbs and should be able to emit a nice warm light.
  • There have been cases that we have heard where a few LED spotlights can interfere with DAB radio signals. All bulbs are tested for this annoying problem so that you are not disappointed when you buy one.
  • Not all LEDs are dimmable thus to be able to dim lights you may need to buy one that identifies low electrical loads. When purchasing LEDs, the packaging should tell you if they are dimmable but ask the manufacturer if you are not certain.
  • Halogen or incandescent light bulbs are better at colour rendering as compared to LEDs. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how well a light source shows various colours. Traditional incandescent and halogens score highs of 90s on this measure while most LEDs score below 80s.
  • The consistency of light output and colour- It is less likely to get a consistent look in your home with LEDs, especially of you mix different LED brands and types, since the colour temperature and CRI can differ more than when using traditional light bulbs.
  • LEDs’ lifespan is measured on not when it burns out, but when its brightness goes below 70%, thus it may not be possible to indicate the lifetime of LED spotlights accurately.
  • LED bulbs are expensive at their original price as compared to incandescent bulbs although this cost can be recovered on reduced energy consumption of these bulbs.

Should I buy LED spotlight bulbs?

Get more information to guide you on buying energy-saving spotlights to learn more about brightness levels, light bulb shapes, lumens and fittings.

Check our guide to buying energy-saving LED spotlights for more information on brightness levels, lumens, light bulb shapes andaccessories.

To conclude

Even with their downsides, LED spotlights are still the recommended purchases because of many reasons. These bulbs are the energy efficient thus saving you on electrical expenses, they are durable and get bright immediately they are switched on. Since quality may vary from one LED bulb to another, it is good to research well before deciding to buy one. LEDs may not have perfect colourrendering, but it is not too noticeable at home. It is wise one LED first before deciding to replace more bulbs in your home. LED spotlight are the future of residential lighting. Their benefits outweigh the downsides that come with them, and so it is fair to say LEDs are still the best bulbs to buy. Visit this site for more information :

The Dark Side of LED Lightbulbs
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