Not all outdoor lights should be mounted or installed on the ceiling. Unfortunately, this is a frequent mistake that homeowners make when updating their lighting system.

This article provides tips about specific mounting heights for common residential lights available on the market today.

Front Door and Porch

Porch lights that are hanging or secured using a pendant mount configuration should be placed roughly six inches above the door. This setup is ideal for one lamp. When two fixtures are used, they should be installed with equal spacing over the door.

Bright wall sconces are great additions to porches, due to their ability to blend in with the theme of the home. The housings can be metallic, taking on a modern look, or rugged, for homes near large bodies of water. This type of residential fixture can be mounted up to 65 inches from the floor to avoid blinding.

Illuminating Garages and Outdoor Locations

Like front porches, garages should be illuminated properly when in use. At night, it is common practice to keep dim lights on around garages for safety. Most individuals utilize wall sconces, wall pack fixtures or carriage lamps, which can also be mounted up to 65 inches from the floor.

For creating illuminative boundaries around homes, pole or fence lights are recommended. These lights should be secured roughly five to six feet from the floor. It would also be possible to install compact outdoor lights at every corner of the fenced area for marking.

Ideally, the lamp should be 25 percent of the pole height for even distribution. If there is not a pole readily available for mounting, one would first need to install one. For sturdy support, lighting poles are usually buried two feet in the ground.

Lastly, since the lights will be exposed to rain and moisture, the fixtures must be waterproof or approved for damp (or wet) locations.

Best Mounting Heights for Outdoor Lights in Homes
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