Boosting security in backyards and open residential lots starts with Perimeter Lights. Lining one’s private property with luminaries (along the boundaries) can deter theft, vandalism and accidental trespassing.

Furthermore, nocturnal animals roaming the area (in locations where such creatures are prevalent) avoid well-lit spaces, which provide peace of mind for pet owners and parents of young children.

Going Wireless

One of the major drawbacks with installing perimeter lighting is messy wires and cords. Traditionally, the larger the space, the more wiring components have to be used. Outdoor LED fixtures may also come with a step-down component that converts AC voltages to low voltage DC. To avoid managing lengthy wires, homeowners may consider using solar-powered alternatives.

For instance, solar-powered LED strobe lamps can be mounted on a pole and installed at the far corners of the perimeter (ideal for square-shaped lots). Since the units come with built-in batteries and panels, individuals do not need to run wiring through the pole and underground, connecting to a remote power source.

Types of Wireless LED Perimeter Lights

Wireless LED perimeter lights vary, depending on the needs of the space. Long and tall residential fences may incorporate solar-powered LED wall pack lights, which are commonly used on commercial buildings. Compact variants offer powerful up-lighting, with minimal light trespass (spillage).

Lining the ground of the fence can be achieved using LED strip lights. To prevent glare, individuals should consider pointing the strip lights down (from a slightly elevated position).

In some applications, homeowners will want to illuminate certain parts of the perimeter or fence. Typically, individuals keep entry and exit points well illuminated for seamless access. Some lamps may also light up signs on the wall of the fence. For such needs, LED spotlights may be deployed in the area. These units are typically installed on the ground, with the beam directed at the sign.

Advantages of Wireless LED Perimeter Lights for Residential Fences